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Version 3 Preview: New Improvements & Release Timeline

Version 3 Preview: New Improvements & Release Timeline

The Writer's Glove - thin warm typing gloves

I've received a number of inquiries about what to expect with the third version of The Writer's Glove®. I couldn't say much at first, but now things are much clearer.

As I've mentioned before, customer feedback guided the development of version three. I'm not joking when I say I take it seriously. This is your glove design as much as it is mine.

The pic at top is the packaging proof. Notice anything different? It's OK if you can't find Waldo. Here's a summary.

New Improvements in Version Three

Release: September 2024, give or take a little wiggle room.

New fabric: I'm so excited about this. The third version will feature a new type of material called graphene. This is futuristic stuff that's stronger than steel yet lighter than paper. Basically, graphite is sliced down to an atomic scale and combined with more traditional fabrics (nylon, cotton, polyester, and spandex, in this case). The result is a more durable, warmer version of The Writer's Glove. (P.S. This was the answer to the number 2 pencil hint.)

Reworked wrists: The switch to new fabric offered a chance to rework the wrists/cuffs. Making sure the wrists flex without bagging up is a real balancing act. I'm glad to report significant improvements in this area. It's the right mix of "not too tight" and "not too loose."

Grips are now standard: Those of you who remember the Standard and Deluxe editions of the first version of The Writer's Glove will recall the option to upgrade to a gripped glove. This was also an add-on for version two for a short while. In this next version, grips will be standard for every pair of The Writer's Glove. The grips look like little diamonds. They won't interfere with typing but will help you work a mouse, hold a coffee cup, grab a phone, etc.

What's Staying the Same

Fingertips: The patent-pending fingertips that allow you to feel the keys will remain in place. This is what made version two such a hit. There's no reason to change what works.

Touchscreen capabilities in all five fingertips: This actually got a little better because of the graphene.

The three lines on the back of the hand: You know those long lines on the back of the hand? I get asked what those are for. They look decorative, but they serve a purpose. They're there so you know which side is up, since the front and back of the gloves look the same.

Black only: Just like they said about the original Model T automobile, you can have The Writer's Glove in any color so long as it's black. This is practical (black is neutral and universal) and keeps manufacturing costs down (smaller runs of different colors increase the per unit costs). This helps me keep prices in check for you.

Purpose built for typing on computer keyboards: The overall mission of The Writer's Glove hasn't changed one bit. If you'd like warmer hands and fingers while you type, The Writer's Glove is here to help you.

Thank You

It's been three years since the latest version of The Writer's Glove launched. I hope you're as excited as I am for version three.

Feel free to get in touch with me here, and thank you to everyone who submitted feedback about The Writer's Glove over the years. You've been in the driver's seat the whole time.



Jul 02, 2024 • Posted by Megan Edey

Hi Ben,
Please let me know when the version 3 gloves are available.

Jul 02, 2024 • Posted by Cori Glazer

When can we order the new improved version – is it already out or do you have a tentative release date? Thank you!

Jul 02, 2024 • Posted by Byron

With version 3, will you finally be able to deliver to South Africa? I haven’t been able to buy a pair, despite checking in periodically.

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