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AMA Video: Answering Your Questions

AMA Video: Answering Your Questions

The first edition of The Writer's Glove "Ask Me Anything" is now live!

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. Remember, you can always reach out here.


  • Gillian - Transplants 1:27
  • Catfood - Funny Moments in Business 2:47
  • Emanual - Improving the Glove Fabric 5:50
  • Frank - Tight Cuffs 12:20
  • William - Who Will Win the Super Bowl? 16:34
  • Thank You from Ben 18:16

Also, it's "pilling" and not "piling." Whups.

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Mar 29, 2024 • Posted by Emanuel Murar

Hello, Ben!

Emanu(e)l here. I am glad to see my input has been presented in your video. One can see your dedication to delivering only the best to your customers.
Although I am looking forward to version 3.0 of The Writer’s Glove, I can’t say I would be willing to replace the pair I have any time soon. That’s a good thing.
One aspect I would like to clarify is what I meant by the cooling effect when performing sudden moves. When executing brusque motions with my hands while wearing the gloves, the air in the space between and around my hand and the glove, not just between my fingers, cools down significantly. These are not the first gloves I have ever worn that caused this aerodynamic effect, and I believe the other ones were made of similar materials which is why I suspect the fabric to be the issue.
Other than that, as I’ve mentioned, the lint and unraveling have not limited the gloves’ functionality so far, and it’s been 3 months of on-and-off wearing (thank you global warming) since they arrived.
In any case, the gloves are a quality product, and I trust they will only become better as new iterations come out.

Btw, Romania’s national sport is called oina, a traditional game similar in many ways to baseball, that is even rumored to have inspired the latter.

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