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Still $30, Still Free Shipping

Still $30, Still Free Shipping
While prices continue to rise, one thing has remained the same. As it has for years, The Writer's Glove will continue to be priced at $30 USD with free shipping throughout the world. You can bet on that this upcoming holiday season, too.

How? Let me introduce myself. I'm Ben Sobieck, and I invented The Writer's Glove in my garage. I'm from Minnesota, a place in the United States that knows how long and cold winters can be. I'm happy to say my little invention reaches far beyond the borders of Minnesota, all the way to 55 countries around the world.

Through a pandemic, inflation, global logistics breakdowns, and a host of other challenges, many companies saw an opportunity to raise prices. Some had good reasons to, while others "followed the market."

I see things differently. I'm a fan of keeping it simple. I don't have investors or a board of directors to report to. This is a small, family business. I've struggled with rising prices just like you. That's why I'm not about to "follow the market" if you're willing to buy The Writer's Glove in spite of these challenges.

Whether you purchase The Writer's Glove for yourself or for someone else this season, the price will remain the same: $30 USD and free shipping.

Thanks for supporting this little glove business. It wouldn't be possible without you.

Ben Sobieck
The Writer's Glove


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