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We're Open! The Best Gloves for Typing With Cold Hands are Here

We're Open! The Best Gloves for Typing With Cold Hands are Here

It's been quite a journey from the time I warmed my hands over a candle next to the keyboard to the launch of the 2.0 editions of The Writer's Glove.

It started as an idea that I couldn't shake. There had to be typing gloves for cold hands somewhere out there, but no one offered the sort of warm, thin gloves that I had in mind.

I wasn't alone. As I researched what people were saying online about this problem, I found that the need for the thinnest, warmest gloves for writing was going unfulfilled.

I couldn't look someone in the eye and say that the original version of The Writer's Glove filled that need, but the second version, which launched this week, comes close. After all, it was customer feedback that ultimately designed these excellent gloves for typing.

What is Getting Even Better

Warm gloves for typing

The improvements include:

  • A warmer grade of silk
  • More durable construction
  • Smarter design for repeated sessions at the keyboard
  • Better elasticity for that "second skin" fit
  • More comfortable interior, so you'll forget that you're wearing them

What's Staying the Same

Best touchscreen gloves for writing

Of course, some things never change:

  • Touchscreen-compatible index fingertips for using smartphones and other devices
  • Light grip in the palm and fingers for holding items securely
  • Still not fingerless! Fingerless gloves for typing leave you exposed where you need to stay warm the most while typing on a keyboard

What's New

I'm happy to offer this new version of The Writer's Glove in two "editions." This allows customers to save a few bucks should the touchscreen and grip not be needed.

  • Standard Edition: The ultimate thin, warm gloves for typing ($25 USD)
  • Deluxe Edition: Everything customers love about the Standard Edition, plus the touchscreen-compatible index fingertips and the light grip  ($30 USD)

A ton of time time and thought when into bringing you these new gloves. I hope you'll give them a shot.

The People Behind The Writer's Glove

Finally, I'd like to remind you about who is behind The Writer's Glove. There's a whole team behind this operation, but it still boils down to one guy with an idea and a lot of elbow grease. This isn't the product of venture capital and a stack of spreadsheets.

Nope, this is coming from the same person who drops his kid at daycare in the morning, stays up late chasing his dreams and does it all for his family. I've shoehorned, MacGyver'd and duct-taped my way to this moment.

When you buy a pair of The Writer's Glove, you're a part of that story, too, and I won't take it for granted.




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