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Try These Typing/Texting Gloves for iPhone 8

iPhone 8 texting gloves

The newest iPhone is here, and it’s just in time for the start of cooler temperatures in North America and beyond. While I can’t help you be first in line to get the latest and greatest from Apple, The Writer's Glove® is ready to help your chilly fingers type and text on your new smartphone.

Index fingertips on each pair of The Writer's Glove® (Deluxe Edition) are touchscreen-compatible. They’ll work with smartphones, tablets and all manner of touch-enabled devices, including the iPhone 8. That means you can reply to a text, check social media or handle other tasks on your iPhone 8 without removing these thin, warm gloves as you work at a computer keyboard. And when your hands and fingers keep warm so you can type, you’re more productive at the office, at home and more.

No matter how you type, The Writer's Glove® has you covered.

I’d be happy to send you out The Writer's Glove® to try for yourself. Just click here to get started with your order.




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