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Can You Spare a Sec? The Writer's Glove Reaches its "Oprah Moment"

Can You Spare a Sec? The Writer's Glove Reaches its "Oprah Moment"

The "Oprah Moment"

Thanks to your support over the years, The Writer's Glove is about to hit its "Oprah moment." That's because The Grommet, an invention-discovery website with millions of followers, is featuring The Writer's Glove starting today.

It's been quite the journey for these gloves, from the garage and an unfinished basement to this level of exposure. As I've mentioned before, The Writer's Glove isn't a large operation. It's a little business running on duct tape, late nights, and luck.

Quite frankly, I need this opportunity with The Grommet to blow up as much as possible, and not just for the sake of sales. It's about a vision that started in a cold, drafty house one winter in Minnesota.

Thin, warm typing gloves featured by The Grommet

I Need a Favor (You'll Get Something in Return, too)

Here's where you come in. The Grommet is a little different than other websites in that it relies on votes that push products up its internal rankings. Votes reveal discounts, so it's not all for ego.

I would really appreciate it if you would...

  1. Click here and VOTE for The Writer's Glove. It doesn't cost anything but a minute of your time.
  2. After you VOTE, you'll receive a 20% discount on a pair of The Writer's Glove. This is the deepest discount I've ever offered on The Writer's Glove, but that's how big of a deal this is to me.

"You're Offering 20% Off? I Thought You Only Do One Sale a Year!"

Those of you who've followed The Writer's Glove for a long time might be thinking, "Don't you offer one sale a year? It's only January. Seems a little early, dude."

All of that is true. It's not even halfway through January, and this is it. This is the sale. Again, that's how much this opportunity with The Grommet means to this little business.

So, please, I'll ask one more time. Vote here and claim your 20% discount. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.




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