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Returns and Exchanges are Easy with The Writer's Glove®

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Confusing return/exchange policies are that way for a reason. Businesses want to make it as difficult to decipher as possible so that they aren’t out any money. Simple as that.

I take a different view. The whole point of The Writer's Glove® is to make your cold hands and fingers warm while writing on a keyboard. If the size isn’t quite right, or there’s something wrong, I want to know about it.

That’s why I make it as straightforward as possible to return or exchange The Writer's Glove®:

  1. Within 14 days of receiving your purchase, send a return/exchange request here.
  2. Send the gloves back.
  3. Your exchange/refund will be taken care of right away.

That’s all there is to it. No restocking fees. No runarounds. If you’re not happy, you’re getting new gloves or your money back.

This post could’ve been a lot longer were this another company, but there’s nothing left to say. Have a great day!



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