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3 Ways to Partner with The Writer's Glove

3 Ways to Partner with The Writer's Glove

The popularity of The Writer's Glove® shouldn't be kept to itself. Here are three ways to partner with us, whether you're an individual with a social media account or a large company.

1) Sign Up for the Affiliate Program

One of the largest partners is also one of the quietest ones. A blogger signed up for our affiliate program a few years ago. This person inserted the link we provided into a blog post and referred a ton of sales using excellent SEO, a captivating headline, and an interesting post. Because of this, the blogger makes regular, passive income.

If you have a social media account, a website, a blog, a video channel, or another online presence, try the affiliate program for yourself. You'll get a commission on every sale you refer and be able to offer your audience a discount.

That discount is important, because we typically offer one sale per calendar year. Your discount might be the only one customers find!

Click here to get started.

2) Shopify Collective: Connect Your Shopify Store to Ours

Shopify Collective is a new feature from Shopify that allows Shopify stores to share inventory. It's sort of like the supplier-retailer relationship in drop shipping, but it's exclusive to Shopify stores.

The Writer's Glove is available through Shopify Collective as a supplier. This means that if you operate a Shopify-platformed store, you can list and sell The Writer's Glove. The margins are quite attractive, too.

To get started, click here.

3) Connect on RangeMe

RangeMe is like LinkedIn for suppliers and buyers from large retailers. The Writer's Glove is ready to connect with buyers here. Feel free to request a sample!

Click here to go to The Writer's Glove's RangeMe page

Get in Touch About Your Idea

If the above three options aren't the right fit, you can always drop us a line here. We'd love to hear from you!


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