The Writer’s Glove: The Solution for Typing on Keyboards with Cold Hands

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Best glove for typing on keyboardsThe Writer’s Glove™ keeps your hands (and fingers!) warm so you can type at a keyboard more comfortably. It’s perfect if you…

  • Get cold, stiff fingers that make it challenging to type when the temperature drops outside.
  • Work in an office where the air conditioning is cranked up too high, and you get cold hands that slow down your productivity on the keyboard.
  • Are tired of using fingerless typing gloves that do nothing to keep your fingers warm.
  • Just want a glove that keeps your hands warm while you type at a keyboard.

What Makes The Writer’s Glove Different?

computer keyboard typing glovesSome writing gloves are warm, but lack the tactile dexterity you need to type. Others make it easy to type but sacrifice warmth. The Writer’s Glove™ finally gets it right with these key features:

  • Its 100% silk construction keeps your hands warm and allows your skin to breathe, which will keep you comfortable for hours while you work on that big project at work, the next great American novel or relax at the computer.
  • The form-fitting design acts like a second skin. Type as you normally would. You’ll forget they’re even there.
  • A light grip on the palm and fingers ensures you won’t slip on the keyboard keys, can work a mouse and will be able to hold everything from a coffee mug to a smartphone securely.
  • The index fingers are touchscreen enabled, so you won’t have to stop typing and remove The Writer’s Glove to send a text on your smartphone, check e-mail on your tablet or browse on your touch-enabled laptop.
  • Because of the thin yet warm design, any finger on The Writer’s Glove™ will work with mouse touch pads.

Where to Get The Writer’s Glove

Best writing gloves for cold hands and fingers while typing on a computer keyboardThe Writer’s Glove™ is available directly from Order yours here for FREE SHIPPING!