These Writer’s Glove customers don’t worry about their hands getting cold while they type at the keyboard anymore. Want to join them? Just place an order here and I’ll be happy to ship a pair out.


thin gloves for typing and IT work

“I wanted to let you know that I just received my new gloves and I LOVE THEM. I am typing with them on right now.”

Victoria S., customer

thin gloves you can write with

Vince Zandri is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than 16 mystery/thriller novels, including The Remains, which was the number one overall e-book in the world on Amazon. He also enjoys using The Writer’s Glove to keep his hands warm while typing his next hit on a keyboard.

thin gloves for typing

“I just received my pair of Writer’s Gloves today, and they are wonderful! They work as advertised, and have kept my fingers nice and limber on the keyboard all afternoon, despite the sometimes arctic-like temperatures in my office.”

~ Joanna Thomas, award-winning author 

“Finally found a pair of gloves that I can wear in the office and still be able to type! The tips of my fingers are always cold so these gloves are perfect! Thank you Ben for sending them so quickly! Will show to my coworkers and will let you know if they want some too!”

~ Vicky M., Etsy customer (link)

“Thank you for shipping them out so quickly. I am wearing them now as I type. They really do work! I have tested them on two keyboards, writing e-mails and Word docs, as well as on my mobile phone. My fingers and I thank you for keeping us warm and productive.”

~Donnelle Koselka, customer

Gloves for cold hands typing writing keyboard raynauds

“Absolutely exactly what I was looking for! I type eight hours a day and have Raynaud’s disease which makes cold weather almost unbearable when doing my job. These are perfect because they keep me warm and I can type on my desktop keyboard and then pick up my iPhone and text with no issues at all! I’ve never been able to do that with any other gloves that cover my whole hand. I’m ordering a pair for my daughter who also has Raynaud’s. Thank you so much for your excellent idea!!! Great idea!”

~ Bobbie Hulsey, Etsy customer (link)

“Extremely fast shipping and arrival. The glove is exactly what I have been looking for. I was a little leery at first if this would actually benefit me. It does exactly what I need and it is well made. I will be ordering more for a backup at the office in the future. Thank you for a pleasant transaction and a excellent product.”

~ Jeffrey Hittle, Etsy customer (link)

“They fit perfectly and as a result I’m looking forward to warm hands while typing all winter.”

~Peter G. Pollak, author

Reviews of best writing gloves keep hands fingers warm

“AWESOME SELLER & PRODUCT! This glove is definitely a unique item! Fits well, washes & dries easily…super fast S&H! And best of all, seller is actually interested in feedback & suggestions!”

Cali, Etsy customer (link)

P.S. David is an award-winning screenwriter and best-selling author. Check out his website here.