The Writer’s Glove Makes List of Best “Desktop Hacks”

tips for writing at a desk all day

tips for writing at a desk all day

What a nice surprise it was to see The Writer’s Glove show up on Laptops to Lullabies, where it was featured as one of five “Weird-but-Awesome Desktop Hacks.” The site is operated by Heather Laura Clarke, a newspaper journalist and blogger in Canada. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Clarke wrote:

They’re thin silk gloves that fit snugly and you can still type normally — even on touchscreens like my iPhone. They’re 20 bucks, U.S., and come with free shipping. I have the extra-small size and they’re fantastic.

The article is full of other terrific “hacks” helpful for anyone who puts in a lot of keyboard time. I especially like number five, seeing as how I drop my iPhone about as many times a day. Read the full article here.