New York Times, USA Today and Amazon Bestselling Author Enjoys The Writer’s Gloves

It’s a red letter day here at The Writer’s Glove. I’m always thrilled to hear from people who find these thin gloves for typing useful, but it’s not every day that feedback comes from someone who wrote the number one e-book in the world on Amazon. And hit the New York Times bestseller’s list. And USA Today. And appeared on Fox News to comment on the publishing industry. And was featured in a New York Times piece on writing in the 21st Century. And, and, and, and…

And his name is Vincent Zandri. Guess what? Sometimes he gets cold hands when he’s cranking out the hits on his keyboard. I was happy to send him a pair of The Writer’s Glove to keep his writing game up.

It turns out they were just the trick, as his Facebook post shows:

thin gloves you can write with

Here’s more of his feedback from the threads beneath the pic:

typing gloves for cold hands

best gloves when you need to write

Vincent Zandri book
It’s every bit as spooky and Hitchcockian as it looks. Check it out!

You don’t have to be a bestselling novelist to use The Writer’s Glove. People working in law offices, information technology, data entry, research facilities and more have all found the benefits of keeping their hands warm while typing. You can, too, here.

P.S. Be sure to check out Zandri’s work. His novels are terrific. I recommend The Remains as a good jumping in spot for his extensive catalog of mystery/thriller reads.