Gloves for Keeping Hands Cool and Dry when Playing Video Games

gloves for playing video games
Gamer Gloves are perfect for keeping your hands comfortable while playing video games.

It turns out The Writer’s Glove, LLC, isn’t the only specialized glove business in my neck of the woods. Not long after getting The Writer’s Glove up and running, I came across another Minnesota company called Gamer Gloves, LLC. Its product is called, appropriately enough, Gamer Gloves.


I’m far from what you’d consider a “gamer,” but I do appreciate a great idea that solves a problem in a unique way. After talking with Blake, the chief cook and bottle washer behind GG, it’s clear to me these gloves fit the bill.

He told me how hardcore gamers can lose grip on their controllers during intense, competitive play. This is especially important in the rapidly growing world of Esports, where a microsecond of hesitation can mean the difference between a big cash prize and going home broke. Through an innovative design, Gamer Gloves keep hands cool and dry, allowing gamers to retain an edge.

They also fit comfortably for a variety of tasks well beyond video gaming, as I can personally attest. Even my toddler likes wearing them, for reasons known only to toddlers.

Here’s the gist on the Level 2 Gamer Gloves, the latest model:

The Gamer Gloves were created for Gamers to provide comfort, intense control, and be used for different styles of games, sports and everyday use.

– Designed to be a second skin and form fitting.
– Interior seam stitching prevents snagging.
– Absorbs sweat built up, so the user can retain full grip control.
– NEW! Tactile precision grips
– NEW! Smart touch technology for touch screen devices

The thumb grip allows all gamers to make very precise movements on the video game controller’s analog stick that ensures they play to the best of your ability.

Ultra-thin strap with hook-and-loop closure provides comfort and adjustability.

Launderable without losing gloves featured integrity.

The gloves are available in five colors, too.

If you’re interested in checking out a pair for yourself, click here to go to the Gamer Gloves website. Support Minnesota businesses!