Pics: Customers Wearing The Writer’s Glove

Since I can’t slip a pair of The Writer’s Glove onto your hands in-person via the magic of the Internet (someone get on that), I figured to share with you some pics of customers wearing these gloves. You’ll notice right away what makes The Writer’s Glove different from fingerless gloves that also try to keep your hands warm while you type on a keyboard. It’s not fingerless!

Check ’em out:

Writing gloves for keyboards
The silk material conforms to your hand to make it easier to “feel” the keys on the keyboard as you type.
Typing gloves for cold hands when writing on keyboards
Don’t forget that the index fingers are touchscreen compatible, so you can work a smartphone without removing the gloves.
Gloves for cold hands typing writing keyboard raynauds
The palm and fingers of the gloves are coated with a light grip. Don’t worry, it’s not tacky. It’s designed to keep the gloves from slipping on keys and other objects.

And don’t forget about this terrific video from a customer who filmed herself typing with the gloves on:

If you’d like to try The Writer’s Glove for yourself, I’d be happy to send a pair out to you. I never charge shipping when you order from me directly.