An Unusual Method for Enhancing a Keyboard to Keep Cold Hands Warm

Typing on keyboard in an office with cold hands

I received a message recently from someone with an unusual method for keeping cold hands and fingers warm while writing on a keyboard. I’ll let you decide for yourself if it’s worth pursuing.

Cut a board a little bigger than the keyboard/mouse area and elevate it with threaded rod going through your writing surface or just plastic containers of the right height or cut them down to fit. Cut high density foam (about 1/2″) for the bottom as an insulator and a arm/elbow/wrist pad/support.

Drape a thick quilt over the board with a heating source on one side. I put part of the quilt over my hot water radiator. Just a few inches of exposure heats the keyboard nicely to room temperature with lots of radiator exposure to heat the rest of the room.

One could also use dryer venting tubing (about 4″ in diameter) from the exhaust of your computer (if it runs warm which most do because they are cooled so poorly!) as your free heat source since whenever you’re typing that computer is probably switched on. 🙂 You can also use a hair dryer to give a quick blast to warm it up initially.

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