Video: Awesome Review of The Writer’s Glove in Action

I always enjoy feedback from my customers, but this one takes the cake. I couldn’t help but share it with you.

Stephanie L., of New Jersey, submitted this video of herself typing with The Writer’s Glove. Because of the way the glove material conforms to the shape of the hand, she’s able to type as she normally would while keeping her hands warm. Thank you, Stephanie! Coffee is on me.

This is what sets The Writer’s Glove apart from fingerless gloves. The material, from wrist to fingertip, doesn’t get in the way of anything. It fits like a second skin.

Thick, knitted fingerless gloves may keep your hands warm, but I’ve found they get cumbersome in a hurry. When I designed The Writer’s Glove, I wanted something that I’d forget I was wearing. That’s always been the driving idea, from the glove material to the touchscreen-compatible index fingertips.

And if you still enjoy other types of fingerless gloves, the good news is The Writer’s Glove works terrifically as a liner to wear underneath. That way you can still wear your favorite fingerless glovesĀ and keep your fingers warm. Not too shabby.

Stephanie also had this to say on Facebook:

I’d be happy to send you a pair of The Writer’s Glove right away. I’ll even give you free shipping when you order here.