Does “Free U.S. Shipping” Mean Alaska, Too?

Last time I checked, Alaska is still part of the United States, so the free shipping offer is good for the Last Great Frontier State.

Even if that wasn’t the case, my offer of free shipping for The Writer’s Glove, the best writing glove for typing with cold hands and fingers (learn more about them here), would still stand. It doesn’t matter where you live on this planet, if I can put an order through the mail, I’ll send you these typing gloves minus shipping charges. The only catch is you have to order them directly from me here.

I understand why some in Alaska would question a claim of “free U.S. shipping.” Those offers often apply only to the lower 48 states. That’s not the case with The Writer’s Glove. Provided Alaska doesn’t slip off into outer space, the free shipping offer stands. Even then, I’d find a way to get you these writing gloves. Space is cold.


P.S. Of course, my friends in Hawaii would enjoy free U.S. shipping, too.