You Betcha! The Free Shipping Offer Applies to International Customers

best keyboard gloves for typing with cold hands
If this planet looks familiar to you, and cold hands at the keyboard are slowing down your typing, I’d like to give you free shipping to try The Writer’s Glove.

“You betcha,” as they say around here in Minnesota (aka Minn-uh-so-ta). I sure will extend that free shipping offer on The Writer’s Glove to international customers, too. The only catch is you have to order directly from me here. As always, your payment will be processed securely via Paypal. Major credit cards are accepted even if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Not much of a catch, is it?

I bring this up because I’m noticing a lot of browsing on this site from outside the United States. I’m committed to restoring your productivity at the keyboard regardless of where you live. If cold hands at the keyboard are slowing you down anywhere in the world, I’d be happy to send you The Writer’s Glove to get you back up to speed.

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