Check Out the Kickstarter

With many a typer (if that’s not a word, it is now) happy with their warm hands while they write at a keyboard with their new Writer’s Gloves, I decided it was time to up the ante with a Kickstarter campaign. Part of this is to increase the exposure of The Writer’s Glove as fall sneaks up on the year. But let’s not forget one important fact, either.

I’m a writer.

I’m creative.

I create things.

That means the part of my brain that can look at a problem and go “there has to be a better way” just can’t quite wrap around the visuals. Case in point: I’d like a professional to redo the photos on The Writer’s Glove Etsy page. I’d also like an upgraded printer for labels, and a little extra for cold weather marketing.

Sure, being entrepreneurial requires a degree of patience. Sales are brisk enough that I’ll catch up to that $2,500 Kickstarter goal without any extra help. However, I’d rather┬áput the request out there and see what happens, because I also believe successful businesses are honest and transparent. There are enough nameless, faceless businesses out there that seem to exist on their own planet.

I’m not like that. I’d rather tell you what’s on my mind. And right now, that means photos, printers and ads. You can read more at the Kickstarter page.

Also on my mind is the trip I took to the Writer’s Digest Conference last week in New York City. I think I’m still cooling off. The city set a record for energy usage. To quote one of my writer buds, it was “India hot.” Indoors, I met a ton of great people in the publishing industry, connected with terrific writers and even gave a few featured presentations. The Writer’s Glove of course came up, and I was happy to oblige their interest. I heard a lot about A/C temps in offices, something I wrote about previously here.

I hope you’re doing well wherever you are, and if you need typing gloves to keep your hands warm, you know where to find me.