Best Office Gloves for Cold Hands

I admit, launching The Writer’s Glove in the summer seems a little backward. Who needs a pair of gloves that keep your hands warm while you type at a keyboard when the temperatures outside, even in the “cold states,” is hot enough to cook a pizza on the roof of a van (something I actually did several years ago). So what gives?

The answer has less to do with what’s happening outside than with the temperatures indoors. Many people work in air-conditioned offices. That thermostat only offers one temperature setting at a time, which can cause conflicts in offices where many people work. While it can’t take back all the things you said about your co-workers, The Writer’s Glove can help keep your hands warm while typing at the keyboard.

That’s why I launched The Writer’s Glove during the hot months, to restore peace to the land of cubicles and chilly A/C.

I’d be happy to send you a pair of The Writer’s Glove to try for yourself. Just place an order here through Etsy.