Now Available: The Writer’s Glove, the Better Way to Keep Cold Hands Warm at the Keyboard

And we’re live! The Writer’s Glove is now available online through Etsy here. If you weren’t lucky enough to grab a pair from me in person when these gloves debuted earlier this year, now you don’t have to be in my neck of the woods to slip your hands into them.

It’s been a trip to get to this point. What started as an all too common problem while typing at a keyboard in the winter months ended with this:

Not fingerless gloves typing keyboards cold hands

That photo represents the very first completed version of The Writer’s Glove. With the process down, it was soon joined by a whole box full of gloves:

Cold hands warm computer gloves

I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to bring this idea to life. It’s like publishing a book and seeing it in print for the first time (I’ve written a few and it still never gets old). That’s not just a box of gloves. That’s hours of productivity restored for people who, like me, find cold hands slow them down at the keyboard.

Which may make some wonder why I decided to go live with this product in June. As I type this, it’s a muggy 80 degrees outside my window. I admit my hands aren’t cold. Originally, I wanted to debut The Writer’s Glove in the cooler temperatures of the fall. However, as my wife rightfully points out, there are plenty of people in cold, air-conditioned offices in the summer. That’s where The Writer’s Glove can help, so I didn’t hold back. With the first box in the, well, box, I turned the key and started this new adventure.

I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks about my journey. Until then, I’d be honored if you would be among the first to try The Writer’s Glove. You can learn more about it here, or go here to order now.

Thank you!